Claude Brisson 1986

Thomas Demand.

Right eye from an anthropoid coffin, Egypt, 1539-30 BC

frozen food by Irving Penn 1977.


IKEA, 1985

imagine sitting in this room with the aqua 8s on

Issey Miyake spring / summer 1999
The starting point for Miyake’s design came from simply using “a piece of cloth”. The initial letters of the phrase were then taken to sum up the latest moves in Miyake’s quest for the ultimate in once-piece clothing. The data for a dress, shirt and skirt have been worked into a long, tubular length of knit jacquard by means of innovatory, computer-programmed machines. By cutting along the knitted Lines, the fabric is cut to shape. This method allows easy mass production, and can be adjusted to any body size. This most recent development in clothes manufacture has opened up the way for new methods of design in the twenty-first century.
TASCHEN: the collection of the kyoto costume institute
a history from the 18th to the 20th century

Philip Miller—"Much Obliged" Steel Springer Chairs, 1992